As the largest society on campus, Warwick Finance Societies has the greatest outreach to all departments, striving for improvement and innovation. Every year we organise a multitude of events, exposing students to the fields of finance and commercial law.


Our weekly Market Discussions encourage members to learn the markets through discussions on the latest events and potent ial impacts on investor decisions and stock prices. To underline the significance of real-life motivation, we have also reintroduced 'Speaker Series', enabling students  to interact with and hear first-hand experiences from inspirational professionals. Our 2016-2017 speakers included Russell Steenberg and Lynn Baranski, CEO & CIO of Blackrock Private Equity Partners; Jean-François Mazaud, Head of Private Banking at Société Générale; and Robert Lempka, co-founder and CEO of Ayondo.

Our teams are the source of our success. They include Corporate Finance, Markets, FinTech, Venture Capital, Women in Finance, Diversity, and Commercial Law.

Our 2018-2019 Exec
Corporate Finance 

The Corporate Finance Team strives to build a platform for innovative and enriching discussions, increase members’ industry knowledge and provide inclusive and personalised career and application support. We would love to see you at the Speaker Series, our seminars and our exclusive networking opportunities.

Head of Corporate Finance: Soham Dalwani
Vice President of Corporate Finance: Robert Horney


Being the UK's first society launching a FinTech department, the FinTech Team's goal is to make our members aware of the fast industry's development and enable them to interact with its leading firms through office visits to various companies and networking events. We also aim to host an introductory coding course and inspire our members to explore the dynamics of algorithmic trading, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.

Head of FinTech: Johannes Pittgens

Vice President of FinTech: Edouard Fox

Women in Finance 

The Women in Finance Team aims to encourage and empower women to advance in the finance sector by providing a network for support, learning and inspiration within the industry. We not only provide them opportunities to establish relationships with strong female figures but also a hub to share their internship experiences.

Head of Women in Finance: Jahnavi Maganti

Vice President of Women in Finance: Shreya Thummar

Commercial Law

The Commercial Law Team provides a platform for our members to raise their commercial awareness by exposing them to and giving them networking opportunities with some of the best commercial law firms. We aim to do this through a series of workshops, presentations and networking events. Our ultimate aim is to prepare our members for their future careers as early as possible.

Head of Commercial Law: Anish Verma

Vice President: Anoushka Gupta 

Head of external relations: Serena Howard


While WFS places a specific emphasis on financial and commercial law education and career opportunities, we think it is equally important for our members to have fun! The Socials Team organises social events every week to strengthen the WFS community. Our flagship social event, the WFS Spring Ball, is known to be the best, biggest and the most elegant ball on campus. Be sure not to miss out.

Heads of Socials: Arjun Popat, Eleonora Khalmetova

Tour Co-Ordinators: Frank Xu, Kiran Sethi


The Markets Team seeks to excite, inspire and support members towards engagement in global financial markets, where newcomers can learn from the wealth of experience of our established members. In addition to running the weekly Market Discussion we provide educational seminars on topics from technical analysis to bond pricing, a first-rate speaker series and internship application advice.

Head of Markets: Taylor Barrall

Vice President of Markets: Mara Maerean

Venture Capital 

The Venture Capital Team gives budding entrepreneurs the knowledge necessary to get funds for their businesses, and inform aspiring investors on how best to enter this sometimes secretive industry. Our focus will be on education, with seminars on how VCs really work, what indicators they look for, and of course industry professionals answering all of our questions as part of the Speaker Series.



Head of Venture Capital: Fabio Savi

Vice President of Venture Capital: Hari Gogna


The Diversity Team aims to encourage students coming from diverse cultures and backgrounds to succeed in the world of finance by ensuring fairness and equal opportunity. We also aspire to educate members that differences can be turned into their strengths.


Head of Diversity: Shubhranshu Dutta


The Review is a WFS publication which provides critical analysis of ongoing developments in business, policy and financial markets. Through the Review, we aim to give our readers a comprehensive insight into the world of finance and the major factors shaping it.

Head of Publications: Griffin Tory


The Marketing Team works with the Graphic Designers and PR Team to raise awareness for WFS. We aim to increase members' exposure to the financial industry, while reaching out to those who have not had the experience. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every Warwick student is aware of each and every one of our events.

Co-Head of Marketing: Jenny Martin

Co-Head of Marketing: Dhian Sara

Co-Head of Marketing: Tanya Mathur

Co-Head of Marketing: Ines De Medina Iglesia