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Warwick Finance Societies is home to more female members than any other society on campus. WFS Women in Finance provides these students a community to seek mentorship in, as well as various speaker events targeted to boost their recruitment prospects. 

As part of the largest society on campus, Warwick Women in Finance aims to empower and encourage women to go into the finance industry by creating a supportive and welcoming community of like-minded people. Our focus this year is to increase inclusion – reaching out to students from different academic and socioeconomic backgrounds through:


  • Our flagship Females in Finance conference which will bring together successful women from various divisions to connect, network and provide advice about a career in finance

  • Implementing schemes to enable students to cultivate relationships with other female members in the society, to share tips and give moral support


  • Organise female-led panels, workshops and interactive sessions to give women at Warwick more confidence going into application processes


  • Introducing a ‘Stories into Finance’ series to allow members to be inspired by less conventional routes into finance


Here are some soundbites and feedback from our previous events: 


'I want to say a huge thank you for organising this amazing event! It was very insightful, and I spoke to a few other girls, and they’re immensely grateful too!’


‘[It was] the best WFS conference I’ve been to so far!’


‘Thank you again for the networking session, it was great to get a realistic insight into careers in Finance’

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