WFS History

Warwick Finance Societies: Where did it all begin?


The story of Warwick Finance Societies begins in 2000, with the formation of Warwick Stockbrokers, which was later renamed Warwick Banking and Finance Society. Warwick Stockbrokers renamed to Warwick Banking and Finance Society in 2004. WAIPES (Warwick Alternative Investment and Private Equity Society) was formed in 2008 by Piotr Pleskot and was run by himself and Mo Albazaz. They had a small albeit active membership base and operated effectively despite having no sponsorship! 


WBF and WAIPES collaborated in 2009 to host the first Warwick Investment Conference coordinated by Caroline Ly(WBF) & Mo Albazaz(WAIPES). The event was free and packed out MS.02. 


Nikesh Parmar, WBF President 2009/10, developed a strategy over the summer alongside Mo Albazaz, to join WAIPES and WBF together to form WFS. They quickly won support from WBS, put together the constitution, setup bank accounts and acquired sponsorship! Under WFS, the Warwick Investment Forum ran for the first time in 2010, as a continuation of the Warwick Investment Conference of 2009. Initial steps were also made towards setting up Warwick Women in Finance before the year end. By the end of its inaugural year, WFS had almost 1000 members.


First Warwick Investment Forum held in 2010. Coordinated by Marc Kinast and Nikesh Parmar, WIF 2010 sold-out Panorama and was a huge success. It has continued every year since. 


In September 2010, Mo Albazaz alongside Viv Watts and Jon Jakobsen, launched Warwick Investment Club under the WFS umbrella. The Warwick International Venture was launched in the 2011/12 academic year. Destination: Hong Kong. WFS organised an 11 day trip during summer 2012 for 25 of its members. The 2013/14 academic year saw the launch of the first WFS international tour which took place in Prague and Amsterdam in Term 1 and 2. First ever WFS Spring Ball also took place, with the theme being ‘Seven Deadly Sins’. Warwick Islamic Finance was launched in the 2014/15 academic year and was discontinued in 2016-7. 


Warwick Investment Forum renamed itself to Warwick International Forum in the 2015/16 academic year. In 2017-8, the Warwick FinTech Conference replaced the International Forum. The first conference was held in Level 39 in Canary Wharf in February 2018. 


The 2017-18 Board, consisting of Marcel Satria (Co-Chairman), Adit Kulkarni (Co-Chairman), Shashtika Sundar (Co-President), Lukas Glatz (Co-President), and Joern Messner (Treasurer), restructured the society to create a more lean and efficient society. The “sub-societies” were rebranded as “teams” which included the following: Corporate Finance, Markets, FinTech, Venture Capital, Women in Finance, Commercial Law, Diversity, Marketing, Socials and External Relations. The publications were merged, digitised and renamed as The Review by WFS. 


In 2018-2019, the Board consisted of Gabriel Eyre & Hugo Cheyne (Co-Chairman), Nina Devani & Maximillian Ortner (Co-President) & Rahul Daswani (Treasurer). They led the society to attract a wider range of members by becoming more social through regular events that repeatedly sold out. Their aim to change the stigma around the society allowed for the success of weekly markets discussions, CV clinics, a Winning Women conference and regular office visits. WFS took 40 members to Berlin and continues its legacy as the Biggest society on campus. 


In 2019-2020, the Board consisted of

  • Shreya Thummar Co-chair

  • Taylor Barrall Co-chair

  • Soham Dalwani Co-president

  • Harry Gogna Co-president

  • Abhineet Ramjiwal Treasurer


In 2020-2021, the Board consisted of

  • Conrad Swanson Co-chair

  • Gurban Gylyjov Co-chair

  • Lewis Johns Co-president

  • Walter Meng Co-president

  • Alya Alangari Treasurer