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Our Markets Division provides a platform for members to engage with financial markets in a discursive and informal setting.

We cater our sessions to those interested in any area of financial markets. Whether you are a seasoned investor, or a robinhood rookie, you will hopefully find our content engaging.


What we do:

- Provide an interactive analysis of market happenings, hosting weekly markets discussions where students discuss contemporary events and trends influencing the markets.​

- Hold technical sessions on different asset classes, stock pitches, and financial analysis. We will also run some events helping equip members with relevant skills such as coding and excel.


- Connect students to the industry by inviting speakers who work within sales and trading, asset management and other divisions, as well as collaborating with sponsors to hold networking events.


- Run engaging markets based competitions.


- Encourage other members to present and share their ideas on the current state of the markets. Please get in contact with us if you wish to do this.


- Any feedback, ideas or questions for us please leave click the button below and leave them inn the anonymous form.

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