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Warwick Finance Societies Alumni Mentorship Scheme 2021/22

July 2021 - January 2022


The new WFS Alumni Mentorship Scheme aims to provide WFS members with the opportunity to learn and gain advice from Warwick and WFS Alumni Mentors as they embark on their journey in finance. Through this mentorship scheme, WFS hopes our mentors and mentees will form strong and mutually-beneficial relationships. We hope our mentees will benefit from bespoke advice with the opportunity to ask questions in a supportive environment, whilst our mentors will have the opportunity to reconnect with Warwick, gain experience mentoring and have a positive impact on our members.


In particular, this mentorship scheme is aimed at preparing our penultimate and final year student mentees for 2022 summer internship applications and full-time graduate roles. Our mentors will have undergone similar rigorous application processes as what our mentees face and thus will be able to relate and give tailored advice. Our mentors are from a range of financial sectors to accommodate for the variety of interests across the mentees. Meanwhile, our mentees will have undergone a streamlined application process to gain a place on this empowering mentorship scheme, and so both parties will benefit from the programme.


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