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Welcome to the Warwick Finance Society Portal 

The portal will give you exclusive access to advice and insights that will help demystify the world of finance and amplify your career opportunities.

We have split the portal into two main sections:

1) Divisions

2) Application Process

In the division's section, you can find information for each division as well as powerpoints from past events.

The application, process section contains information for before applying and during the application process.

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Intern Game Plan

Intern Game Plan has extensive advice on how to secure a spring, summer, or full-time job, including:

CV + free template

Cover letters + 3 examples

Online tests

HireVue video interviews


Commercial awareness preparation

Technical questions

Market sizing and brainteaser questions

Case study presentation tips + template

CV and Cover Letter Review

Having a perfect CV and cover letter is essential for getting spring and summer internships. Here at Warwick Finance Societies, we offer CV and cover letter reviews. All you need to do is submit them using the google form which is linked below.

The Application Process and Corporate Finance Overview

Deciding which area of finance you want to go into can be quite tricky, which is why we have a webpage dedicated to helping you understand the different areas of finance. We have also laid out the steps you need to go through in order to apply to spring weeks, summer internships and full-time jobs. Use the button below to go to the Before you Apply page.

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