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As the largest society on campus, Warwick Finance Societies has the greatest outreach to all departments, striving for improvement and innovation. Every year we organise a multitude of events, exposing students to the fields of finance and commercial law.


Our weekly Market Discussions encourage members to learn the markets through discussions on the latest events and potent ial impacts on investor decisions and stock prices. To underline the significance of real-life motivation, we have also reintroduced 'Speaker Series', enabling students  to interact with and hear first-hand experiences from inspirational professionals. Our 2016-2017 speakers included Russell Steenberg and Lynn Baranski, CEO & CIO of Blackrock Private Equity Partners; Jean-François Mazaud, Head of Private Banking at Société Générale; and Robert Lempka, co-founder and CEO of Ayondo.

Our teams are the source of our success. They include Corporate Finance, Markets, FinTech, Venture Capital, Women in Finance, Diversity, and Commercial Law.

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