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CV Advice

CVs are the first thing that firms will look at when considering your application, therefore, it is crucial that you do not make some key mistakes. Here are a few do’s and don’t we advise: 


  • Make sure the layout is clear, concise and and only one page (use our CV template below to get the best one-page CV layout used by many to get spring internship and  summer internships)

Do Not:

  • Lie – although this may seem stupid, lying about things like languages, skills (e.g. excel) can come back to haunt you as often in interviews they may then ask you about this 

  • Make stupid grammar/spelling mistakes

About 80% of the time in CV checking is spent on suggesting formatting changes and CV 'mistakes' that can be easily avoided, so use spell check to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes and use our free template below to have the best CV format.






A recommended guide for CVs can be found by clicking here.

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